“As a student of the Ivey Business School, I met Amanda through our Social Enterprise course and the many events she is involved with at our university. From the first time I heard her speak, I, along with all of my peers were inspired by her story and motivation to create a better world for indigenous youth. At school, I had many opportunities to learn about diversity and its importance at school and the workplace, however I was unaware of the struggles indigenous youth face every day. Amanda has used her story to educate many of the future business leaders at Ivey and has helped me learn more about indigenous peoples and cultures. I am thankful for the work she has done and continues to do, along with the opportunity I have had to learn from her.”

Spencer Ashby, HBA 2019

“Amanda is one of the most inspiring storytellers I have ever heard speak. Her story is moving and her courage is absolutely remarkable. As a non-indigenous individual, I have felt welcomed by Amanda and warmed by her openness. She is a wonderful teacher who makes a mark on everyone who has the opportunity to be in her atmosphere.”

Julia Bevacqua, Centre Coordinator, Building Sustainable Value Research Centre

“You meet people in your lives who transform your thinking through their storytelling and sharing of themselves in such a deep way and Amanda has been one of those people for me and so many. I first met Amanda at Innovation Works when she came in as she was starting up her social enterprise Yotuni and I first heard her story at the launch event for the Ivey Sustainability Certificate. Amanda held that room of students with her personal story and compelled each of us to open our hearts and minds. Amanda is a natural teacher and storyteller and she offers insight and ideas on how we can challenge our understanding and move to action for those marginalized and oppressed and how we can build new relationships towards truth and reconciliation.”

Michelle Baldwin, Executive Director, Pillar Non-Profit

“Amanda guides using a combination of lived experience and her family/elders/Indigenous teachings to help us through the ebbs and flows of life’s unpredictable journey.  I am so grateful to have met Amanda because she helped me connect with parts of myself through sharing Indigenous wisdom and creating space for honest reflection.  Amanda is a thoughtful facilitator that weaves storytelling, Indigenous wisdom and lived experience into magical moments for communities and teams to gather, share and be empowered.” 

Andre Vashist, Director, Social Entrepreneur and Social Finance, Pillar Non-Profit

“Amanda has worked closely with my initiative to provide a perspective we could not have received anywhere else. As an organization that works primarily with Indigenous youth, I wanted to ensure that I was providing cultural aware services. As a non-indigenous individual, Amanda was essential in helping me become more mindful in my everyday relations with Indigenous community members. She was an essential consultant on our project and her drive, authenticity, and dedication would make her an asset on any team.”

UWO Global Minds Student, Kings University

 "At the Ivey Sustainability Certificate Opening Ceremonies, I was so grateful to hear Amanda's personal stories and her journey to creating Yotuni. She showed us the power of social enterprise as a grassroots approach to healing, reconciliation, and youth mentorship. Her kindness genuinely inspired me to be a more gentle person and to rethink how I can be an ally to Indigenous communities as a non-Indigenous person. Thank you Amanda!" 

Ivey Business School Student

"Amanda presented about her organization Yotuni, at the opening ceremonies of the Ivey Business School's Sustainability Certificate program. Her deep commitment to her mission, and connection to the youth she works with became quickly apparent as she left many in our group tearful and in awe. I am proud to call London home knowing individuals like Amanda are working hard to promote the wellness of those that live here and are most in need."

Ivey Business School Student