My Spirit name is Kuwasaniha:wi, it means “in her name they carry” in the On^yota’a:ka (Oneida) language.  I am Haudenosaunee and from the Oneida Nation of the Thames, Iroquois and I am Bear Clan and Indigenous Woman Leader. I am a colonized, urbanized, marginalized child and youth of yesterday and the daughter and granddaughter of Residential Schools Survivors. I am proud a very Spiritual Haudenosaunee woman. As a youth I was a Leader, Role Model, Facilitator, Coordinator and Developer of children and youth camps, workshops, conferences, as well as worked in the Social Work field, a Bookkeeper and Teacher.  I am an Advocate for Indigenous children and youth, an Educator, Facilitator, Consultant, Strategic Planner, Inspirational Speaker, and Social Entrepreneur. I am the Founder of Yotuni “Its Growing” Social Enterprise and owner of Kuwahs^naha:wi Consulting.  

Community Work - Skills/Experience:

  • Flexible and adaptable, worked with different communities, in different environments with various people from all walks of life, extensive experience working with children, youth, students and adults.

  • Vast knowledge of the Indigenous, colonized and marginalized issues and of family violence and the effects all have on children, youth, adults and communities.

  • President of Yotuni Social Enterprise, working with children and youth and their families, doing community assessments, one-on-one assessments as well as developing programs and services based on their current needs and wants; working with the London, ON, Oneida Nation of the Thames and Chippewa Nation of the Thames communities, focusing on children and youth at-risk and from low-income families.

  • Founder of Yesalihu’ni “They will teach you” Youth Leadership and Community Development Initiative, working with youth, creating a Youth Council, partnering with other organizations and services that work with youth, delivering programs and services for Youth who are at risk and from low income families while doing community and one-on-one assessments.

  • Teacher/Student Advisor for George Brown College’s A.C.E program working with youth and adults, doing plans of actions, dealing with mental health issues and upgrading their skills and qualifications for future education endeavours. 

  • Student Placement Coordinator at George Brown College in Social Work Department, working with their students and connecting with First Nations organizations and services creating connections and partnerships. 

  • Women’s Support Worker/Children’s Support Worker for women’s shelter for abused women and children.

  • Youth Transition Worker for troubled and at-risk youth who were CAS wards.

Administration, Planning and Organization Skills/Experience:

  • Experienced in strategic planning, developing and facilitating various meetings, camps, workshops, writing business plans, proposals, websites, budgets, reports, documenting information, and developed and coordinated youth groups, boards, committees, and teams.

  • Performed bookkeeping, payroll, processing of payable and receivable, bank reconciliation and collections, invoicing, receptionist, inventory and other related duties on a computerized system

  • Skilled in producing accurate calculations for data used by management for budgeting and forecasting

  • Trained, coached, supervised and evaluated staff members and experience in working with a high volume of clients, agencies and services on a daily basis 

Communication Skills/Experience:

  • Established and improved client communications, maintaining ongoing relationships.

  • Currently advocate for children, youth and their families when dealing with C.A.S, Criminal and Family Court, Police, and Schools.

  • Addressed clients; interpreted and delivered information, proposed suggestions, provided guidance, identified, investigated and negotiated conflicts.

  • Served as a representative and liaison for my own business as well as other organizations, agencies and schools.

  • Skilled at building excellent working relationships with other agencies and organizations’ staff and clientele; effectively communicating one-on-one as well as via email, social media and regular business correspondence.

Speaking/Facilitating/Educating Events:

  • ISWO Standing Bear Culture and Leadership Camp, Facilitator/Educator

  • Pillar Non-Profit, Facilitator/Educator – Working Together Towards Decolonization Circle

  • Pillar Non-Profit, Facilitator/Educator – Indigenous Sharing Circle

  • Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, University of Western Ontario, Bell Let’s Talk Mental Health Day - Opening Ceremony/Guest

  • Ivey Business School, Ivey Sustainability Conference – Guest Speaker/Social Entrepreneur

  • Pillar Non-Profit, Pillar Community Innovation Awards – Opening Ceremony/Guest Speaker

  • Scouts Canada, Cub Scouts – Educator/Facilitator

  • Ivey Business School, Sustainability Certificate Program – Opening Ceremony

  • Oneida Nation, Youth Gathering 2018 – Educator/Facilitator, Mental Health and Leadership

  • Thames Valley District School Board, FMNI Department- Educator/Facilitator for Indigenous Ways of Knowing Summer Course

  • University of Western Ontario, Global Minds Fellowship Program 2018-2019 – Educator/Facilitator/Inspirational Speaker

  • Thames Valley District School Board, FNMI Department, Summer Literacy Program – Educator/Facilitator