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From the Oneida Nation, Bear Clan

I am a First Nation raised in London, ON with Indigenous roots in Oneida Nations, and was born in Calgary, Alberta, I grew up in Manor Park which is a small neighbourhood with a First Nation Housing Co-op, there were many units and First Nations from all Nations, mainly Oneida First Nation, Chippewa First Nation, Munsee-Deleware and Six Nation. Manor Park became my First Nation within the city and the people I grew up with are my family. Growing up in Manor Park I witnessed a lot of violence, brutality, crime, addictions, racism, later violence, and bullying in London, ON. Manor Park was predonminantely Oneida community and became a safe haven between being an urban Indigenous person and marginalized in city of London, ON.

In high school, created a native committee and brought awareness of Indigenous culture to Westminster Secondary School and organize First Indigenous Social.

As a youth I became and advocate for youth when dealing with criminal court, school, and police. I began to be asked to facilitate camps, conferences and youth groups and worked in the social work field from age of 21-26, holding different support worker positions. Through all my experience gaining a lot of education.

At 27 heading to business and bookkeeper in Toronto and London worth is Indigenous organizations, and support development of administrative and finance skills.

At 30 Teaching in Toronto working with youth and adults, Toronto Council Fire, as student support, computer teacher and administration for the school sector.

At 32 I founded Yesalihuni “they will teach you” as a youth leadership and community development initiative to advocate with youth and families with courts, policing schools, CAS, supporting families with addictions and traumatic events in London (2013)

In 2016 opened Yotuni “Its Growing” as a Indigenous social enterprise to empower the children and youth and support them mentally so they can teach, lead and empower change and currently works with children and youth from the CMO Territories; Chippewa, Munsee-Delware and Oneida Nations.

2019 opened up Kuwahs^nahawi Social Enterprise and became a Social Innovator specializing in connecting and building relations with Non-Indigenous and Indigenous, colonized and marginalized People and communities and Truth and Reconciliation.

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