Step out of your comfort zone - 3 min read

When we step out of our comfort zone we start thinking outside of the box.  You need to expand yourself and take yourself out of your comfort zone because if you stay there you can’t grow.  Success is a very uncomfortable procedure and when you start to create change, chaos comes, it’s part of the process, it’s all about balancing out.  When we are met with chaos we are tested on how hard we are going to fight, or will we flight and stay in our bubble.  When you start to feel uncomfortable that means you are doing something new, trying something different and giving yourself a chance, taking a risk and you are going to learn and grow.  

When we start to feel comfortable we are playing it safe and coasting along in life.  We are allowing fear; doubt and the unknown get the better of us. Yes, sometimes fear is a good thing and keeps us safe, for instance if you are walking alone in at night, you want to cut down an alley, your gut says no, you start to develop fear and that, is yourself telling you that you need to be aware and cautious for you could be in danger.  That kind of fear keeps us safe.  However, the other kind of fear is based on negative emotions and doubt and trying to stop us from doing something that could help us and change our lives for the better.  Stepping out of our comfort zone is hard because we don’t know what to expect and when you make others uncomfortable with what we are doing it makes them get defensive.  It’s a defense move that we need in order to survive sometimes and in more times, we are so used to being on guard that even we admire those who are stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something different we can’t help but react the way that we do. We are wired or programmed that way. 

We need to be more supportive of each other and keep an open mind, for we are going to make mistakes however it’s those mistakes that are going to give us a new awareness and wisdom that we can utilize and share throughout our walk-in life.  I am very thankful to have positive and uplifting people in my circle. I was telling a friend and teammate that I finally started posting in my blog and that I was feeling nervous.  I have talked and encouraged children, youth and adults from all walks to life to step out of their comfort zone and needed to be reminded myself that this is exactly what I am doing now and when I look at it that way I feel more excited and eager to learn and grow from this experience as well as learn from all of you and watch you grow.  

When we stop seeking, reaching and taking risks we stop growing.  Don’t allow fears to stop you from pursuing something that your heart desires.  Change your view on stepping out of your comfort zone and empower growth.  You got this and capable of doing it!!! Now take that first step.

Note please if you don’t have anything nice to say then please don’t say anything at all.  All negative comments will be deleted.  Please feel free to share this post, your thoughts and opinions so that we can learn and grow together.