Quit beating yourself up! - 4 min read

We all make mistakes and in todays World we are programmed to look at ourselves as bad people and to judge others. In reality I wish that when I was a youth someone told me “you are going to make a lot of mistakes and fail in life however learn from those experiences, see your worth and allow yourself to grow”. A lot of times we underestimate ourselves when we are met with a challenge we think we can’t do it, we get scared, frustrated and feel other negative emotions, but in the end, after all is said and done we realized we made it through. We probably have some bumps and bruises and have a bunch of pieces to pick up but we made it through. We are very resilient people. We keep getting back up and we keep fighting.

When we make mistakes we are mean to our self. We talk to ourselves in ways that we don’t talk or treat others. I always say we need to learn how to treat our self just like how we would treat our best friend. If our best friend came to us and told us about a mistake they made we may get angry but in the end we forgive them and we try to talk them into forgiving themselves and be nice to them however they are treating themselves like their worst enemy. Which we all do. Instead of being kind with ourselves we get mean. We get angry and we continuously punish and judge. Those around us continue to punish us as well that we have hurt. Us humans carry hurt and negative emotions. We grasp a hold of them and hold onto them tight. When we look in the mirror we get angry with ourselves. We judge our self and put our self down. That then builds more anger, fear, resentment and shame. I read a good story that said that human beings are the only beings that punish themselves continuously and some times never stop. Yet animals and other living beings don’t hold on to the past, don’t stress about the future, they just be, in the present. If a animal makes a mistake they pay for that mistake, forgive themselves and move on. They don’t go back to their tree, hole in the ground or home and lay there all night beating themselves up. They move on with life.

We need to do the same. We are going to make mistakes in life. If you continue to make the same mistake then you didn’t learn the lesson. Look for the lessons and be thankful for them and its those hard times thats going to make you strong and unique and give you gifts that others might not have. You are a good person, your mistakes don’t define who you are as a human being and please stop beating yourself up. Treat yourself like you would your best friend, be kind, comfort yourself, forgive yourself, don’t let others judge you or bring you down and keep moving forward. Get back up, dust yourself off and use the strength you just gained to continue in life.

When we do new things we are going to trip over our feet and make mistakes but that is how we learn, figure things out and grow. Remember you are an amazing person, you are beautiful, you are strong. You are human.

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