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She:koli Kuwasaniha:wi ni:yukyats ohkwa:li niwaki’talo”t^ On^yota’a:ka: niwakuhutsyo:t^. Hello my name is Amanda Lillian Kennedy and my Spirit name is Kuwasaniha:wi, it means “in her name they carry” in the On^yota’a:ka (Oneida) language. I was gifted my name by my Auntie Norma Kennedy.  

I am a Haudenosaunee Woman Leader and Indigenous Social Innovator from the Oneida Nation of the Thames.  I am Iroquois, bear clan and a daughter, sister, auntie, god-mother, niece and cousin.   

I am the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of residential school victims and survivors and a colonized, urbanized, marginalized child and youth of yesterday that grew up in the troubled neighbourhood Manor Park in London, ON.  As a youth I became a leader, mentor, advocate, facilitator, coordinator and developer of Indigenous children and youth camps, workshops, committees, conferences and worked in the Social and Administration/Finance fields and was a Teacher for marginalized, Indigenous youth and adult learners.

Today I am Traditional Haudenosaunee woman leader and Indigenous Social Innovator and a self-taught, self-made social entrepreneur and the Founder of both Kuwahs^nahawi Indigenous Social Enterprise, and Yotuni Charitable Initiative that are both based out of my Nation, Oneida Nation First Nation of the Thames.  

Kuwahs^nahawi “in her name they carry” Enterprise provides advocacy, education, consulting, facilitating and holds space for healing and wellness, through story-telling and using traditional Indigenous ways.  Empowering, educating, healing and inspiring Indigenous and Non-Indigenous children, youth and adults from all walks of life, creating diversity, inclusiveness, and positive change.  I specialize in bridging the gaps in Truth and Reconciliation, connecting with marginalized, colonized, Indigenous people and communities, and connecting with self, others, Mother Earth and all of creation (mindfulness and land-base learning).

I am the Founder of Yotuni Charitable Initiative.  Through innovative education and traditional Indigenous ways, Yotuni supports marginalized and colonized Indigenous children and youth through various camps, projects and services that lean on mentorship, leadership, cultural education, teachings and ceremonies.  Empowering healing and wellness to the marginalized, colonized Indigenous children, youth, their families, communities and Nations.  Breaking vicious cycles of inter-generational trauma bringing forth positive change and growth.  

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Through Kuwahs^nahwi Consulting Amanda supports Yotuni’s camps and services. Proceeds go towards helping the Indigenous children and youth, empowering healing, growth and change.